Important Information

snacksnakesIt is important, before attempting to remove a snake from the home, or property, that you know what type of snake is taking up residency. Seventeen of 120 snake species, in the North American region, are venomous. If you are not familiar with the species in your area, use extreme caution since a venomous snake bite can result in a visit to the hospital, or death.

If your property is near water, or has a pond, then you have a good chance of having a snake in the area. However, not all snakes are aquatic since snakes are found in dry, arid locations, as well. Snakes, like all living, live to eat and will be found in areas where small prey is available. Even if you do not have mice on your property, they will hunt birds, frogs, and eat worms to satisfy their hunger.

EGGSSSSSnakes reproduce in the spring, some laying eggs, others giving birth to live little young ones. Snakes prefer to live in tall grassy areas or where the vegetation has overgrown. Piles of wood, and debris, are also a good breeding ground for snake reproduction and habitation. So use caution if you have any areas such as these on your property, you just may have a snake.